Delivery Services

At Paragon Hospital, “Every baby is precious”.
This is the founding specialty of Paragon Hospital – another area in which we have been registered as a class above all others in the field.

With over 3 in-house Obstetricians and a great team of midwives, mothers can now be assured of the most wonderful, safe and specialized maternity care in Uganda.

The safe motherhood birth environment promotes respect and dignity in a homely atmosphere. The members of staff are committed to create excellent opportunities for women to have birth/delivery they deserve by providing an excellent physical and psychological environment throughout the delivery process.

Hygiene Booth:
Fitted and supplied with hand-washing facility and house shoes.

The Floor:
Terrazzo in the main entrance and father’s lounge, and continuous PVC are designed to ensure and promote infection control , easy to clean, zero accumulation or zero absorptive properties of liquid.

Ultra sound scan:
The 4-D scan comes with more definitive images for accurate and rapid diagnosis. Face and body features of the fetus are clearly seen and so is the determination of sex, weights and position of the cord.

Fathers’ lounge:
Fitted with cozy comfortable furniture, a unique water fountain and matching interior decor to provide a relaxing atmosphere for father and birth companions
throughout the delivery process.

Michelle Terrace:
Provides ample pleasant space to walk around to exercise, access fresh air and attractive view. Accessible through the delivery section, the terrace walk is designed to ensure a soothing movement to ease pain.

The Delivery section:
Midwives and doctors trained and ready to provide supportive individualized touch and professional care in a personalized environment.

Delivery suites:
Clean rooms with en-suite facilities to ensure personal care in a personal environment.
Each of the 6 delivery suites, is self-contained, and fully fitted/ equipped with a modern delivery bed, incubator, baby resuscitaire, birth companion’s chair with enough linen for mother and baby among others.
The Delivery rooms are fitted, furnished and maintained to create a crucial difference in a mother’s experience.

High dependency delivery suite:
A modern state-of-art delivery suite fitted with equipment, monitors and supplies to handle complications during and / or after delivery.

Special care new born Baby unit:
Fitted with equipment, monitors, and supplies to provide special care to babies with complications, premature, or special needs etc.

Antenatal Laboratory:
Specially designed and sited to ensure promotion and protection of privacy and dignity of the mothers. A private service arch which allows specimen samples to be delivered in privacy directly to the laboratory technician.

Antenatal package:
A medical package has been designed with subsidized costs on services to enable pregnant mothers see a doctor without the inconvenience of paying up. This package includes specialist/obstetrician consultations, midwifery consultations, free booking for delivery, free dental checkup, drugs administered during pregnancy, medical investigations done and a mama kit bag.

Antenatal care:
The antenatal care services are provided daily to mothers at all stages of the pregnancy. Antenatal classes are free for all.

Delivery package:
The delivery packages have been comprehensively designed to include standard all reasonable charges associated with delivery.
This however excludes complications and the cost of these procedures will be billed as an additional cost on top of the package, for more information please contact the management.

The normal delivery package:
This includes:
• Admission fee
• In-house Obstetrician and Pediatrician
• Delivery suite charge up to 24hrs stay
• Meals, snacks and beverages from Sengas’ Bar for 24hrs.
• Midwifery care
• Drugs and sundries: oxytocin, vitamin k injections, tetracycline eye ointment, 1 dextrose, 1 normal saline giving set and cannula, 4 syringes and needles,
• 10 pairs of surgical gloves, 8 pairs of disposable gloves, 1 polythene sheet.
• Equipment such as a baby resuscitative, electric beds, delivery packs.
• Adequate linen for mother during and after delivery, and for the baby. Postnatal care and accommodation for the mother and baby.

Cesarean Delivery Package:
Cesarean section by in-house consultant covers theater fee.
Anesthetist fee, consultant’s fee, theater & postnatal standard drugs and sundries, room charges and meals for the mother and baby.

Cesarean section by external consultant:
Private external consultant’s fee is paid separately by the patient.
Patients will be subjected to their consultant’s terms and conditions of service.

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