Pharmacy & Dispensing Services

Pharmacy is a branch of health sciences dealing with preparation, dispensing and proper utilization of medical drugs.

Pharmacy Services at Paragon Hospital.

It’s one of the departments found in the hospital and has a number of processes aimed at ensuring that essential safe and cost effective medicines are available at all times to our patients.
It serves both inpatients and out patients.

The processes include;

  • Product selection and procurement,
  • dosage,
  • route selection,
  • regimen review,
  • ensuring safe medication and administration
  • monitoring for both desirable and undesirable therapeutic outcomes,
  • vigilance in order to avoid medication errors and their possible consequences such as adverse drug reactions.


The pharmacy is adequately stocked with a wide range of pharmaceutical products to suite the medicinal demands of the hospital.
The pharmacy handles all requirements concerning medicines and sundries of the hospital.


Our staff consists both full time and part time employees, dedicated professionals who bring in an abundance of practical experience to their department.


  1. Provision of drug information to all our patients receiving prescriptions.
  2. Pharmacovigilance – adverse drug reaction reporting.
  3. Supply & control of medication within departments of the hospital.
  4. A walk-in pharmacy which can handle a client who presents a genuine prescription from an external doctor.

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