Out-Patient Services

To respond to the unmet need for quality medical services, the Paragon Hospital Out Patient Department (OPD) maintains high standards of patient care, from a spacious, beautiful waiting lounge which gives patients the opportunity to relax while in hospital to our very professional and friendly medical team that is more than ready to see you well again, we are always open to our patients.
The administrative procedure in this department is quick and friendly with a clinical team working around the clock to meet the patients’ needs in the least time possible.
In proximity to other departments such as the laboratory, Radiology and IPD, our OPD is designed to handle emergencies and complicated cases professionally.

OPD services include;

1. Specialist & General consultations
2. Nursing care
3. Out patient Day care
4. Laboratory Investigations
5. Radiology & Ultrasound (Imaging)
6. Pharmacy & Dispensing

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