In-Patient Services

We at Paragon Hospital consider each patient unique and we ensure privacy for our patients. All our admission rooms offer privacy and security, the beauty of the patient’s room is breath taking and warming / relaxing from what society has defined as a hospital admission room.

“This is a home away from home” as quoted by one of our patients and we believe recovery starts with the mind.

The team of nurses and doctors at the in-patient department will always give the patient a feeling of a hospital with a difference. They are trained to give homely care and also avail whatever support a patient might need while hospitalized. The rooms are fitted with bedside bells for patient to call in a nurse at any time.

This also puts the patients’ relatives at peace and enables them to concentrate on their duties with no interruption or worry about the patient since the nurse and doctors are taking full care of the patient.

Pediatrics IPD: 

At Paragon Hospital, children are admitted in a unique way, please read more about this in the Pediatrics department article.

In House Rules at IPD:

  • Do not carry linen to hospital, we provide hospital gowns, and bedding for the patients. Our house keeping staff and nurses are available to help in the making of the bed and changing clothes every morning. We use sterilized clothing.
  • Do not carry food to hospital. Our kitchen has the best meals which have been recommended by our nutritionists for patient’s health and safety.

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